What do I carry in my backpack?

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Backpack Life

It seems that some people are wondering about the stuff that I carry in my backpack – they just can’t understand why anyone would write about backpacks. Well, I’m not exactly sure, so if this article is kind of stupid, please tell me so that I won’t go writing another. And if you happen to be interested, tell me about the stuff that you carry in your backpack – I’d certainly like to know.

Big Walker for daily use

Let’s start with the backpack itself – I’ve written about my initial impressions about the Big Walker (manufactured by We Are Able) in a review. After two months, I’m pretty damn sure that this backpack is worth the price. It’s very comfortable and I’ve yet to find anything that would make its handling harder or less user-friendly.

At the same time, I have to say that the aesthetic defect I’ve written about in the review is still pissing me off a little bit. You don’t want to have a black backpack with red pieces of interior hanging out, you just don’t.

Notebook Asus Zenbook

I don’t have a macbook; I think about it sometimes, but I’m still not sure that I’ll ever buy one. We’ll see. In terms of design, Zenbook is quite similar to it; it’s an expertly-crafted notebook. I’ve had some plastic notebooks before and I simply had to make a radical change. I move around a lot, I work in a lot of different environments, which makes Zenbook an ideal buddy for me. Simply put, I like it on a purely materialistic level.

iPhone 6s Plus

You might have guessed that any iPhone that bears the label “plus” doesn’t fit into a pocket. My choice was purely pragmatic – I didn’t want to carry an iPad and the 6s Plus model seemed like an ideal compromise.

It features a black leather case, which has already prevented one catastrophe. And if it werent for a neoprene case from Crumpler, there might have been more than one. It certainly isn’t pretty, but I’ve got enough experience to know that it’s probably the best protection available.

The Sony MDR-XB950BT wireless headphones

This is a pretty recent addition. I used to have the WESC Piston wireless headphones, but the only wire holding them together eventually wore down. I tried to repair them, which was both fruitless and extremely naive, and when I finally saw the light and threw them out, I bought this monster – it sounds fantastic (including the spoken word, such as podcasts and audiobooks), features a one-button control on the headphones themselves (which is perfect when your phones in your backpack), and can be used to receive phone calls.

Food and drink

Ive already written an article about drinks, so let‘s skip them. But theres another liquid that I want to write about – Ive taken a shine to Mana (drinkable food that provides all the nutrients). I like food, I enjoy food, but most of the time, I see it only as fuel. I dont need pampering and I certainly dont need to supply my Instagram account with foodie stuff. This way, I save a lot of time, and I feel that 90 % of the time, its much better than eating out.

If I can, I bring some homemade food. I carry it in a great lunch pot from Black+Blum. It doesn’t leak. It simply doesn’t. Usually, I also have some nuts and cranberries with me – not something extra healthy, but certainly better than four donuts, for instance.

Everyday necessities

The last, but not least – everyday necessities. My keys (the carbine proved useful more than once – for example, I used it in Zillertal when I accidentally destroyed the chains and wanted to make emergency ones); my wallet from Nixon (Cape), even though I dont use it as much nowadays – I carry some money, as well as my credit card and my public transportation card, in my phone case; and my business cards for potential new Lovebrand clients and interesting people with something to say about backpacks. I also carry some charging cables and a shopping bag.

More than you thought, right? I always try to eliminate things that I dont have to carry around, but I feel like I really need all that Ive listed here. Fortunately, I dont have to carry things for training sessions anymore – if I did, Id need a much larger backpack. I dont know about you, but I couldnt live without backpacks.

What do you carry in your backpack?