City backpacks would deserve its own chapter. For the majority of people it is enough, if it looks nice (both women and men), but if you are practical you need more. I don’t think that the hip belt or the frame are the most important for city backpacks but a water-bottle pouch, easy one-hand access or e.g. protective camera pocket are handy.

What brands of city backpacks are the most common here?

What about Vans, Braasi Industry, Playbag. Do you know these brands?

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Playbag got me interested

During the last dyzajn market event, these three backpacks from Playbag got me really interested. They’re not exactly gentleman-level and they’ll certainly leave you a lot poorer, but they are immensely cool and stylish. On the other hand, if I were to carry my everyday […]

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