Poler Stuff is an outdoor gear brand based in Portland, USA. Most well known for the Poler Stuff Napsack, they also produce rucksacks and backpacks which are widely loved for their simple yet practical design. Majority of their bags are constructed from 1000D campdura fabrics and consist of nylon lining, which give them second-to-none durability.

Poler Stuff bags are also well known for coming with handy features such as laptop compartments, removable side pouches, and more. Their practical design gives users plenty of room to put in enough stuff for a whole day out, yet all the weight is displaced so that their backs are not broken. The bags contrasting colors make the owners much more recognizable even in crowds, and their big zippers make it easy to open and close in the dark and on the go.

One of Poler’s most popular bags is the Classic Rucksack. The best thing about this bag is its two removable side pouches attached to both side, which are good for storing water bottles or accessories. The Rambler Backpack is also highly rated thanks to its compactness and durability, and can be used for both outdoor and daily purpose.

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Backpacks on the Seek Trade Show: See what those 5 brands prepared for the upcoming seasons

It was freezing cold but gallons of coffee made it tolerable. The closer I was to my destination, the more well-dressed people I saw and the more I was looking forward to seeing all the brands that came to Berlin to show their products. And even though I didn’t saw any revolution in the world of backpacks, the visit was worth it. So here some of my notes from the Seek Berlin trade show.

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A short update on manufacturer brands

I just want to share a short update on a new type of content on the blog. I’ve started to add backpack manufacturer brands on a single page called Backpack Brands. If you click on the brand, you will get some information about the manufacturer and […]

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