Be Uncool

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Backpack Life

Have you ever been invited to a party that should have been at least legendary? A typical party that triggers your FOMO (fear of missing out) as you know you’re going to work all night?

When you check your Instagram the day after, you see all the special people having great time with other special people in a very exclusive place. You feel like another party like this one will be never thrown. Your life sucks.

Maybe you’re living in a white lie.

I’ve experienced many situations like this and finally found out that maybe the event that takes your most valuable resource – time – is not that great at all. But when you’re socially forced to look excited – maybe just because you don’t want to offend someone cool who invited you or don’t want to look stupid because you haven’t got the point yet – you must stick to the rules.

Then you take (and do the toilet-fine-tuning of) pictures for your Instagram, greet people you’ve seen more than once and who accepted your Facebook friend request (so-called friends) and talk with as many people as possible about how excited you are. And when nobody’s looking you’re bored. Afterwards you say it was l-e-g-e-ndary but only to persuade yourself.

So, for the upcoming year I wish you many genuine moments with the handful of people who matter in your life. Don’t fear of being uncool.