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Be Uncool

Have you ever been invited to a party that should have been at least legendary? A typical party that triggers your FOMO (fear of missing out) as you know you’re going to work all night?

When you check your Instagram the day after, you see all the special people having great time with other special people in a very exclusive place. You feel like another party like this one will be never thrown. Your life sucks.

Maybe you’re living in a white lie.

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What do I carry in my backpack?

It seems that some people are wondering about the stuff that I carry in my backpack – they just can’t understand why anyone would write about backpacks. Well, I’m not exactly sure, so if this article is kind of stupid, please tell me so that […]

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What will Bekpek be about?

You might be wondering if it’s really worth it to write about something as ordinary as backpacks. I’ve heard that as soon as you leave school (or a university), you should forget about them. Well, whoever said that probably thought that I’d buy everything that […]

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