Founded in 2009 in Vancouver, Canada, Herschel Supply Co. manufactures the finest quality backpacks, bags, travel goods and accessories. Dedicating itself to producing modern classics, Herschel Supply is aimed at 18-to-35-year-old consumers, the new generation, who are fashion inspired and tech savvy.

Herschel backpacks’ selling point are their innovative and trendy designs. Their beautiful Settlement Backpack, for example, has an internal media pocket with headphone port, exposed brass zipper withs with pebbled leather zipper pulls, and consists of a signature striped fabric liner. All of these features give the backpack not only an outstanding appearance but also an amazing durability and weather resistance.

According to, “the Herschel backpack has grown into a global phenomenon”. Today, Herschel bags are available in 70 countries and can be purchased from a range of retailers (The brand now has 10,000 points of sale.) Everyone wants to discover its secrets for success. And you can find some in the company’s best seller, the Little America.

A one-compartment, top-loading daypack, Little America seems “normal” at first. But if you take a second look at its details, you’ll find yourself struck by something like nostalgia. You’ll start to remember, or imagine, about the old happier days in a typical American mountain or country. By evoking that kind of feeling, Herschel easily reaches its target consumers, the hipsters who are fed up with this chaotic world!
Don’t ever be surprised or confused, if one day you walk into a metro with a Herschel backpack, and end up finding yourself surrounded by people wearing the same brand!

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Backpacks on the Seek Trade Show: See what those 5 brands prepared for the upcoming seasons

It was freezing cold but gallons of coffee made it tolerable. The closer I was to my destination, the more well-dressed people I saw and the more I was looking forward to seeing all the brands that came to Berlin to show their products. And even though I didn’t saw any revolution in the world of backpacks, the visit was worth it. So here some of my notes from the Seek Berlin trade show.

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