After decades of making Chrome Bags the most favourite brand in biker community, Bart Kyzar and his partner Mark Falvai decided to start all over again with a new brand of their own. So in 2009, in an old warehouse in Mission District of San Francisco, US., Mission Workshop was founded.

Kyzar and Falvai’s vision was to create backpacks that can meet the needs of not only bikers, but also travellers, commuters… And there came the idea of a modular system, which is best presented in the iconic VX / R8 Arkiv Field Pack. Typically, you might need to get a separate backpack for each activity or series of activities, but thanks to the modules, VX / R8 Arkiv Field Pack can do many jobs at a time. It can take on limitless functions without compromise.

Beside that innovative approach, Mission Workshop backpacks are considered top-of-the-line also thanks to their incredible durability. You can put your backpack under heavy rain or snow all day without having to worry about things inside. The Fitzroy, for example, features multiple weatherproof compartments, urethane coated zippers, waterproof materials, and an internal frame sheet. As all other Mission Workshop’s backpacks, it has a “Made in the USA” tag, with a lifetime warranty.

Mission workshop’s backpacks are not cheap. A R8 Arkiv Field Pack when full-loaded with all the modules can cost you a fortune ($320 for the pack and $30-$90 for each of the modules). Yet if you are looking for a backpack that can do all the jobs, with a SUV-size capacity, and can last a lifetime, you know that money is the last to consider!

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