Dakine is an American outdoor clothing company. It was founded in Hawaii in 1979, but in 1986 moved to Hood River, Oregon, U.S., and has remained there since. Dakine specializes in sportswear and sports equipment for alternative sports, and is best known for its super durable backpacks.

Majority of Dakine’s backpacks are big (their capacity could be up to 33L), eye-catching, and have great designs. But what is best about them is that your every needs can be met in one single backpack. You have places for laptops, smart phones; you have places for clothes, shoes; and you even have places for snowboards and other snowboarding accessories such as goggles. Team Mission 25L backpack, one of Dakine’s most popular backpacks, for example, is so well organized that it is “equally equipped for mountain missions or navigating the daily grind”.

What makes Dakine’s an outstanding backpack, however, is its superb durability. Many consumers stated that they have been using a Dakine’s backpack on daily basis for years, yet it is still strong and has a like-new look. “I’ve used a Team Heli Pro nearly every day. It has carried oversized loads, been rained and snowed on, and plenty more. The only thing wrong with it is that the plastic on the bottom in one corner is getting worn”, read one review.

So if you are looking for a life-long companion who is quietly reliable, just “marry” a Dakine’s backpack!

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