Based in Paris, France, Côte&Ciel is a dynamic brand that is continually breaking new ground in bag construction. As written in the Introduction, “Côte&Ciel encapsulates ideas of freedom and movement between urban and non-urban environments, by combining creativity, practicality and the progressive use of space into a single object.”

Côte&Ciel always looks to new ways of making things, so that’s why its backpacks are often the most eye catching ones in the blocks. They carry a sense of uniqueness. The designs of Côte&Ciel’s backpacks are often unorthodox, which means that they do not follow “the tradition”, and which makes the wearer stand out – even in the crowded streets of New York City. The famous Moselle Backpack, for example, sports a tear-drop like shape, and has zipper to access the main compartment located against the back of the wearer, not at the front as normal backpacks.

Côte&Ciel, of course, has to pay some price for that unorthodox vision. Its backpacks are not for heavy utility ones, which means that there is not enough room for your day-long activities. The way the weight is displaced is not the best as well, so don’t put in heavy loads unless you want you back to break into two. And their durability is just over average. Do a bit of googling and you can find consumers complaining about the Rhine Flat’s ability to resist heavy rain, or the low quality of the above mentioned Moselle’s zippers.
Yet if you are looking to find a stylish way to carry your things, Côte&Ciel’s backpacks are the perfect choice. It is not for no reason that Côte&Ciel’s backpacks are chosen by a lot of huge figures in the creative world, namely Icelandic artist and cult perfumer Andrea Maack, English filmmaker and illustrator Daniel Brereton, or Turner Prize winning artist Laure Prouvost…

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